Why Volunteering Is Important?


Hi, frens!

How’s life?

Issa good as usuals!

Ah, Thank God.

Anyway, today I’ve been thinking about what should I write (as usuals, you probably knows my personality by now) and I’ve got interesting topic to write and share it to you! it’s about volunteering. And since “volunteering month” seasons is ended around the corner (it’s from dec 2nd until dec 20th in Indonesia), so why the not?

Basically, I do once pinpoint volunteering in my past writings (I posted it on “What To Do On Summer Break”) and I said “do some volunteering activities” and It would be good if I show you 5 good things that I actually felt while I volunteered.

First of all, believe me, I only did three volunteer activities outside my uni. And one of them was the online volunteering. Even though the activities are not that much in physical motion, but it truly makes me do more since there are lots of activities in it and it was really good.

The main reasons why I started volunteering this year just because all of my friends are doing internship at some company while I myself just got recovery after I sick for almost 2 months, so I thought I might be need some fresh activities before I started going to uni again. Then here I am, talking about how volunteering made me a better person I am today.

So, here frens, the big 5 benefit things I felt when I am volunteering

  • Volunteering widened your perspective, especially your relations.

Practically, I am an introvert person. I don’t like to go out often. Especially when I force myself to meet new people. And volunteering sometimes requires lots of people with different backgrounds, right? But believe me, volunteering requires you to do some communications which you need to speak well. basically you don’t need to force yourself to talk to new people. Suddenly it’s just like that. Neither you first to make the move for the conversations, or someone else will. And sometimes, the conversations are just as unique as the way you talk with your best friends, even better. You got new pals to talk, and you probably could talk about anything. Socials, culture, your backgrounds, even politics. And by your conversations, you might probably seen something differently from the opposite’s perspective that will make you feel like, “oh I didn’t know that some people could really think like that” and it will really make you more goosebumps when you are talk to deep talks.

I once felt this when I got the chance to talk with my friends. Yes, she is dominant in socialize that’s why she talked to me first. She talk about a lifestyle that really unique these days: zero waste. While I myself somehow really do some checking  about the lifestyle itself and I find it unique while she herself are now doing it . it is really coincidence, right? I don’t know her very much since I knew her for like, only 2 days of activities then we could talk something that we really like! We had something in common as a stranger! And when we felt that we’ve clicked to this deep topic, we talked a lot that day. even we talked about the government regulation system about that lifestyle. And it was really a whole new perspective for me. And I got a good company to talk about that!.

Besides, when you are volunteering, you find someone that could possibly share the same interests as you along as the volunteering activities itself. So if you ever wonder why are you the only one who thought about that, or like something, or something that interests you, you are not. Because I guess volunteering is some activities with a bunch of people who share the same interests.

  • You gained new experience

There are lots of types of volunteering, so you might probably want to starts with the ones that you really like to the ones that challenges you!

The kind of volunteering that really made me feel like I gained a new experience that when I volunteered as a facilitator which I require to teach a children about the social skills (mostly, teach about what school didn’t really teach them). and being facilitator is really like, kill two birds with one stone!. I do love kids and teaching kids especially about the social skills one are really challenging!.

You might probably list some activities that you really love to the activities that you might never want to do it. Because when volunteering, you realized that some activities are the ones you didn’t want to do back then. Because I once felt like that!.

  • You got new skills

Skills? Of course! Meeting new people, suddenly you are in a little work group, force to talk, to think, to do some group activities? That is some whole new skills you might get! During volunteer you might get to know what kind of leader that you are, even if you are not a natural born leader, suddenly you could lead people! (because this is what happened to me).

This is not activities that I could say that it’s a volunteering but I do once being a leader for some projects WHILE I myself didn’t really good at leading people but I thought of it as a new experience and this is where I could get any lessons to learn (for life!)

The skills you probably get is somehow like leadership skills, communication skills, or that something that requires you to communicate, to think, to presentation and requires to do something to people, with people. It’s a skill development time, everyone!

  • Advanced Career

Actually I don’t really feel like that but this is really helps me when my volunteering friends talk about some requirements when you want to apply as a worker at the government. It’s a new thing for me because I don’t feel like the information from my uni are that deeply (or maybe I am not listening lol) and hearing them with the experience really mesmerizes me because I felt like I am ashamed that I already in my early 20s I should know things like this but I felt like I am happy and grateful that I met (older) people with their different backgrounds and talking about working. Even they are give some tips for me while they are knew that I still am having a long way to go.

  • Good For Yourself

You might feel the sense of “I accomplished something in life” after volunteering, right? Some feeling that you thought you are already giving back for what you have to other people. Like when people talking and you actually once felt like, you might probably shared your tips on how are you cope with that, how are you faced that problem, and vice versa. Volunteering create the better version of you because you find new activities, new perspective, new friends, and the other new that you might find by yourself while you’re doing that.

Some people might think, you don’t need volunteering as long as your gpa is good or the volunteering activities itself didn’t match to your major. I am absolutely declined that thoughts when (some s*nior) told me like that. Volunteering is a sacred activities. It’s true that not everyone could sense the volunteering itself but to not doing that because it didn’t requires to your major? What? I see the volunteering itself is a activities that I can not do inside the uni. Or some activities that I want to do besides uni. Some activities that I thought it would challenge me because my assignment paper is just a paper. Not everyone could feel the real impact on that. Not everyone can jumped themselves to the new environment that they themselves didn’t know the roads might be. But by volunteering, we could do so much. You might feel less stressed even though it requires you some physical activities. Your thoughts will fresh because you will find some new environment because you do volunteering so that you could find some new activities, right? I might not good explaining this but because I feel overwhelmed to think “volunteering is that good for me to the point I don’t know how to words about it.”


So if you are from Indonesia, you probably want to check the because it’s like the portal of whatever volunteering activities that you might probably want to choose! So what are you waiting for?


So that’s it frens, I hope my feelings on why volunteering is important because you got lots of benefits from it is really delivers to you nicely. I hope you had a great day. and happy volunteering!





A Forest App : A corner that helps your time management(s)

Hi, frendss. Did u drink water, today?

There are so many stuffs to do and lots of assignments to this day. somehow I managed to write again (yay). But back in the old mutihhh,

She didn’t even know what she want to write. As usuals.

But then, one day she came up with a plan for her content writings in her writing corner on wordpress. “what If I write about me enjoying time with this app?” then suddenly she planned it away and here you are reading her writing to this day (much luuuv!)


Forest App. It was the name. it was and still is some of application that really HELPS you to be focus. It was my first intention about this app. “maybe I could use this when I am studying in case I need it” I thought. But yes. It was really helpful. I am so frickin focus when I was studying. I downloaded it first on my phone. The app system when you are download it on your phone forces you not to open any other applications but its. Because they demand you to be focus on what are you doing right now. They provides lots of tags such as work, study, social, rest, entertainment, other, and sport. (if I recall, you could decorate your tag yourself but you need to be purchase for some??).

And this application did some like, duration of your focusing. The fastest is 10 minutes long and the longest was 120 minutes (2 hour) long. Since its name is forest, you could be like, simulations of planting a tree, with your focusing. The bigger the tree, the longest you are focusing. It has lots of features trees and plants!(oh the maple and ginkgo tree? Two of my most favorite ones!). I did usually the longest one when I was studying but for some occasions like walking, eating with friends, resting (even I use forest when I was sleeping… I don’t know why but I feel like I had to. I had to). It was really hard for the first time especially when you are someone like can not be 1 meter away from your phone or checking any social media platforms. I could recommended you to do some 10 minutes long first. Then you grow up to the longest. If you’ve success in 10 minutes, challenge yourself for the 20 minutes long until you could focusing on 120 minutes long. I know it’s a long hard journey but believe me, it’s all worth it.


If you could see the three pictures of my forest since past three months. there are good days, and there are hard days. there are times whenI am really need to be focus and I do really using it fiercely. but there are some hard days too when i only use it for not that long to the point where i don’t use it all for a day. and I think that is fine because this is my journey, this is my little improvement to become a better person (and be not that distracted!)


When I thought this application only for focus on studying whilst I frickin know that they provides me “tags”, my mind changed a bit. I used this not for only studying. Even when I am walking home from the two last stops (let’s say it since it’s cooler), I use this app so I could walk properly (yes, I can’t walk that good) and I don’t distracted by phone and also I prevented myself not getting any accident while I walked. Not only studying and walking home, even when I am in lunch with my uni frendss, I somehow usually use this app so I could talk more with my frendss and it somehow affects to  my friends too since I could actively talk and they responded it nicely.

I am not endorsing this app but when you are purchasing some of the features, you could check your time line. Any other features that you could see when you are purchasing. Believe me, this application is so sick!.

I think, whenever you feel you are settled down with your time management, i think you will need this app still. Why? Because you need it. Because while you are focusing on doing something and you planting a tree with this app, there is some kind of proud feelings (anyway they provided you to plant a real tree as long as your gold coins are enough to purchase it).


I know I am not that good with marketing or ensure you to download this application but I am very glad and proud of myself I am a better person right now and I have been doing it since October 2018 and these past three months of the last 2018 I feel so content and so fire with whatever I am doing right now with the little help of Forest.

I hope you have a great day, frends!




love life talk with a gojek driver

Well today I supposed to be at my uni BUT I suddenly changing my whole plans for this weekend and it is quiet nice by the way.

I supposed to be at uni with some important occasions and I could postponed it to the day after tomorrow? And since then I kinda went to my (let’s say old, he’s old now lol) friend’s event and it really bought almost a day?! (it was from 9am to 3pm) well I did it quiet nicely and it is also nice to meet him after a while I don’t know where and when since the last time we’ve met? Oh my god I felt like I use this “?” a lot?? Moot, you need to calm down—

Practically the whole event I only be like, “I wanna go home, there are lots of people, I am tired, I wanna have a self care for this weekend” like that kind of thoughts and I’m braving myself to say that I want to go on a cinema by myself at night after the event.

And I am gladly I did that. Because if I don’t, I don’t think I would meet this kind of driver.

Ah let’s say, he’s my gojek driver (lol) and it was from my friend’s uni to one of the mall that I used to go since kids (even I don’t know where to go, I always go there lol I’m cancelled). Then I feel like,

Is it just strange feelings, to have a great conversation to stranger while somehow they’re just having a whole different perspective about life and or anything while you’re just on the road?

Believe me, I don’t do talking to gojek driver unless it’s about the location I want to go, because it would be burden for them to talk with me (lol tru) and I can’t talking nicely or at least the way I should be because I am extremely awkward when it comes to talking with strangers but I don’t feel like that today.

And thank God, I don’t start that conversation—- no. Thank God that driver is so communicative and responsive and really outgoing I feel like I am meeting someone familiar or something but it is so good to talk with him (ah yes, it is a he). It’s not that I am satisfied or I want to be asked first but I usually don’t talk a lot either. BUT this gojek driver ugh he is so that kind. He talk about anything. Even his agenda for today. I mean like, “I’m sorry I don’t need that information” but it turned out to be the nice conversation, actually. Basically gojek driver only asked about which way the fastest to go if they’re not familiar with the road, or why you wanna go there. And it’s really polite to him and outgoing to talk about that. We basically talk a lot my uni life, life, love-life, like, anything.

He told me that don’t do stupid things. Get a good study for finals. Some uni advices (and he blessed and prayed for me that I have to be graduate next year, aamiin). He told me about his work beside gojek (lol I asked him first since I was so curious at the moment don’t @ me). He asked me what year I am now at the moment. How my uni life goes like. How was the friendship-the love-life going. And I only responds like, it is what it is(since I assumed he’s only like, 22/23 but practically he’s just about 9-10 year older than me lol and the whole conversation we’ve been talk about I only used the not-that-kind-of-polite-respons-in-a-conversation to him).

And the most unique yet rarely for me to talk about with someone strange is when we talk about love-life? I know it’s a privacy things and I feel like since he’s way more older (lol im sorry mas) I kinda assumed he acknowleged my view of love life logically. At first he asked me about my boyfriend which this topic really really in common but I don’t mind telling him the truth because it is what it is.

“ooh. Then how about your boyfriend?”

“lol no I haven’t at the moment”

“Your uni is big. There’s plenty out there. Why?”

“well I haven’t thought about it and probably I won’t think about it because I don’t feel that— this kind of ‘phase’ is that important and I thought it should not be forced when we talk about having boyfriend/girlfriend, right? And it’s a good thing to wait for the right one”

“then how do you cope with that loneliness?”

“well I kinda believe that people who like to be alone mostly didn’t feel loneliness? I mean just because I am somehow, being alone, doesn’t mean I feel lonely. I still have my very very close friends and family. I think I got the love like what I want for now.”


“why anyway?”

“I don’t think many girls thought about that, anyway” (lol big uwu energy when ppl told me about this)

“well everybody has their perspective about anything, right?”

“yes it’s just that different. It’s good for you to think like that. I hope you’ll find a good man then”

“let’s hope, aamiin”

“By the way, do you go to that mall alone? Meeting some friends?”

“no. all by myself.”

“seriously? I thought you were kidding!”

“no, I love being alone by myself”

And we talk a lot until we arrived at my destination. I gave the money to him and say thanks and he just like “anytime!” with the high sound like he just want to talk with some…kids. And yes I am aware that the whole conversations he used the high note at the end when he talked with me or maybe is it just me that over-observing? Because he talk to me and he make me want to talk to him? I don’t know??? Lemme just—

Anyway, it was just the best conversation I have ever had with a gojek driver and it was really ughh I feel like I am meeting long lost brother (this is just because he gave me lots of life lessons that really logically and realistically so help yourself).

Yes. It was a good day. I can’t call it a day. it was a nice day.




to all the girls i was before

Disclaimer – this might be personal but let me get you a tea first, okay?

13 : you do have a lot of hobbies, didn’t you? you write and you make videos. If only you do it properly, you’ll probably in another road of life. But it’s fine, everything you did back then was just for fun. It’s only a pleasure. I get it why you’re not taking it seriously. And I am very proud of you, while you’re friends are so much into the (not that good activities), you’d find your unique hobbies.

Anyway, I see that you are in confused why so sudden you are in a public school. You are not usually in this kind of environment. I am proud of you. You are already trying your best at that time. I know you are so stubborn back then (oh you must see the 20s of you, she can’t be touched anymore!). I know that you are not very comfortable of where you are now. Even you are begging to mom to transferred school. And I thank Mom and one of the teachers that saying you should stay in that school. I am proud of you not being transferred. You have friends. Even though it’s only like, 5 or 6 of them, you are very grateful of them. I see that some of your not close friends are being hard on you, they are going to be a devil person (believe me), by the time you’ll drifting yourself away from them, I know you know that they are a very toxic friend for you. I am proud you are understanding things like this since the beginning of your teen years. Anyway, I see that you are in so much curious why so sudden all of your friends are having boyfriends girlfriends. I get that. It’s okay. you could like on some boys. I let you. Let’s get crush.

14 : ah, talking about you? you are so much full of love back then. I know you are in the beginning of knowing crush-love-your fantasy. And thank God, you have him at that time. I just want to say that I am very grateful that you are meeting him as your first…crush or maybe, your first love? Even I am now still remember every single recommended song that he sent to you back then WHILE you didn’t know the condition that he’s trying to showing his love to you but lol, you’re so “I don’t know, let’s get best-friends”. And you two got flipped at each other. Aw, you guys are so sweet back then. I am very jealous of you. even though you guys are apart (and it’s not very good for both of you), this relationship is really the good foundation of your love-learning in the future. And I wanna thank you to both of you for getting through that relationship even though you guys still young and have so much things to learn about.

15 : slow down, girl. It’s only high school. You really got caught up by academics. Thank you for studying hard. I just want you to know that score isn’t affect that much in your life. But you’d still need them for your grades. Thank you for crying and hugging your friends when they are surprising you a happy birthday in a physics class. And you know what? Your love on editing videos are growing even bigger. You’re going to capture lots of things. Ps. You’ll get a 15 minutes long of your high school summary. Believe me, this people of your high school are the best. Especially your classmate. You’ll going to miss them while they’re away. And thank you for loving biology and literature back then. Ugh, today seems like it’s hard to study like you. please let me know how. I need you.

16 : someone is being move on too fast? Too slow? Average? But still. I know back then you’re very anxious about your new relationship because of the past trauma. It’s fine. It’s not fine, actually. Because no matter how stubborn you are, you’re hurting him in anyway he felt. And most of all, you’re hurting yourself more. Why can’t you just telling him the truth that you’re not ready back then so he could hold on a bit? He’s really care about you for all I know. And I am sorry if any way you’re regretting that you wanted to be with him in the future but he’s with other woman now.

17 : lol I wanna skip you but hey, you’re lately being growing up bit by bit. You’re great. I know you are facing a lot of difficulties (I feel like it really doesn’t make any sense but) you’ll get through it.

I know you’re facing uni. I know you’re scared. I still get the feeling when you didn’t know WHICH uni do you want to go to. What major do you want to study. What kind of activities do you want when you’re in uni. And you just like, “don’t talk about college to me” because you was so freaked out by everyone has their choice settled while you’re still not sure of your decision. It is fine. I wanna hug you right know. You’re crying too much and I am laughing at it.

Anyway, your videos still being watched by your close friends whenever they feel like they’re miss highschool. You’re such an amazing person, girl. I love you, but

Let me be your bigger sister now.

You will be doing so much activities in your late teenage years. There will be more fun, tears, hate, anxious, and every feeling that you want to be felt. You will learn everything. No matter what major do you choose, I will support you. I know if you can talk to me now, you might be like, “HOW CAN YOU BE SO SURE, I AM TERRIFIED BY NOW” and I just want to hug you really tight, tap tap your head beat by beat. Telling you that you are so good. You know you like to do planning a lot since kids, even though the planning didn’t always go smoothly, but you’re still fine about it right? The fight with parents? The friendship? The freakin relationship? You’ll get there. Even though you’re gonna regrets a lot, but you’ll get something a lot.

18 : I know you’re gonna choose that major. I know you don’t know much about it, but you took a major step of it. I am very very very proud of you for doing something crazy like that. And you know what? You get lots of activities that you didn’t  know you’ll get experienced from it. I wanna treated you a coffee. Let’s get coffee. Oh no, you’re caffeine intake is almost……….take care of your health. You need to be fit! It’s okay if you’re not working out. As long as you’ll eat good.

19 : here you are. The feeling of loving literature in you just disappear like that. I don’t blame you nor I don’t want to blame the others. It’s fine. Everybody has the time when they are being bored of doing something. It’s okay if you are stopping writing. It’s okay to have some problems in uni life. You know, not every life should be just smooth as the freeway road. I am proud of you because you are aware of where you are now. And even if you’re still discovering WHY you’re in that uni or whatsoever, you’ll not getting to that exit door. You’ll face your inner fears. That was so good of you. let’s get high five!

20 : I am sorry that you miss a lot of things. I am sorry that I don’t treat your body very well. I am very surprised that you could get that kind of sick. Your gpa even down a bit. I know you are crying a lot. You’re big now. And you still crying in front of mom and you’re not ashamed about it. Even though your level of stubborn is really on another level. You’d still argue with dad while you’re in hurt. I love how logic you are when you are thinking. I am proud that you have a fixed bullet journal. And I am very proud that you have a fixed personal journal. You are so on fire. I would never believe that you are this fire while you’re still shy in front of people. And you’re working out a bit, go girl!. Oh not only that. You did a lot of volunteering! (ugh, this is why are you just being grateful of your life and being more on fire?)

I don’t think I’ll be able to talk about you that much, but hey, I will.

I know there’ll be days when you’re saying that you are nothing. There is nothing much in life. I know you’re going down that day. and I am very thankful you have that friend (even though he disbelief and didn’t admit you’re crying while you’re crying hardly behind him). And I am very thankful for having that feeling. I am proud that you are admitting yourself that you are hurting. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know how life’s gonna treating you in the future. And many more anxious feelings that get through your head that day. I am sorry that you are alone even though you are always admitting that you are not lonely but I know somedays you just need someone who hold your hands, who listenes you when you’re talking about how was your day (and whatsoever). and I am so proud and I just wanna cry with you that day and embrace you so that you don’t feel alone. At least not in this world.

You’ll get your hobbies again. You write again. You make videos again. You even love one other languages (and now you even consider to learn canto, oh my GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING?). Your English is going so well. You’ll travel abroad without mom and dad. You are so great at planning everything and make sure that you’re plan was going so smooth, and it is. Your little successful makes you want to do more. Your fashion style, oh my God, you are a bop. You are cute. You love some of café music. You are working out. Your bullet journal is getting better. You widened your perspective about everything. You like to talk with friends. You are so hype when you’re meeting your friends. You are so much in control of yourself. You don’t let people touched you. you are so good at listened to people so that’s why many of your friends loved to get any advice from you (because you are so logic? Ah yea!). You like library a lot these days. You have lots of good content that you let them into your life. You’re opening your door. You’re seeing the world. You get to know yourself more. You know what you want. I’m tired of your stubbornness but it must be one of your strengths to face the world, right? There will be lots of good activities you’ll get to experienced. And most of all,

You’ll accept yourself more when you’re alone by yourself. And I am so proud of that.

I am very thankful to you for how you be able to know yourself more. Take yourself a date. Be a volunteer. More closer to God. Having new friends. Hearing people. Giving some advice to your friends while you’re just giving it to yourself. Asking people out when you’re in confused. You’re not that afraid anymore. You are more strong than your little sister. To the you who I have been long for. I am so proud. If she ever meet you, you will be their role model because you are just,


Looking forward to the better version of you. I can’t wait. Tell me more!





I write some…

Hey,it’s been a while, uh?

Well, uni life could be better but  I need to be more better than I ever was, even though I am already having a mental breakdown since my health is going to be whining again and I didn’t do one course midterm exam and I’m so stressed I’m afraid I can’t make up the midterm (just let’s hope for the best).

If you ever read my writings at the beginning, I once said that I wrote a lot in a year but it was just um, really raw and it was honestly 100% honest feelings (ugh I want it to show some of it someday). I wrote a lot on a pocket book anyway. But since I can’t always bring along the pocket book, my only source to write was only my firkin phone. Well basically when I had some inspirations or when I was like thinking for a paragraph, or something dialogue, I’ll probably like, “it’s fine you can write it at home” but the words suddenly fade away. It’s not like I have a short term memory, but I do need to write it right away. Even though I remembered it, it’s not as good as when I directly write on my notes (on my phone actually).

Some words are my thoughts of people. Some conversations that “my-brain-made” when I don’t know who’s the talking, when it’s happening, etc. i guess it’s not “poems” like this subject posting (lol) but let’s says, “some of my writings” could be better, uh?

I feel like I kept all of my writings like it was really precious. It is. And it always will be. But I somehow didn’t want everyone knows because I know myself when writing, I pour a lot of my feelings into it (even though you read it and you don’t get it, that’s why). And I feel like I don’t have any muse at the moment as writer usually had. Or maybe people around me are my muse without me realizing.

So here’s a little pieces of my writings. I might have uploaded it on other instagram I have made @mnwritesmth





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Why we should write for ourselves

Lately I’ve been thinking, in so many social media platforms, everybody could talk about anything, every where, every time. since everybody could talk like that, they kinda just literally talk about everything. Their daily lives, the foods, the streets, even people next to them while they’re sitting on a bus. There are so many topics to talk about and somehow it really irritates me because people sometimes try to write any bad stuffs online (of course, there will be always another side each every situations). No matter HOW GOOD YOU ARE, there will be some people who try to look at your weakness. They will try to talk about it behind you, even worse, they brag it on internet.

These kind of people really make me think, a lot. Like, why do they care? Why do they give a sh*t about someone’s life? Why do they write something bad stuffs about other people while they’re just being nothing but just humans? Why do people being so hatred? Is there something wrong about this? Am I taking it too far?

I’m not blaming them actually. But I’m not trying to “right the wrong” either. I know these people are not really wrong while they’re just being small for themselves. because if one’s talking about the other, it could probably they’re just visualizing themselves.

Or maybe we could just talk about ourselves. Write about ourselves. And do it with ourselves.. To ourselves. So we can reflect on ourself..

Since you might know that writings sometimes a part of healing for me, there are some kinds of advantages for writing (literally, anything) that I felt. I never thought about this but let me shares my thoughts about this, okay? Bring your tea, peeps!

Record your daily activities

The first thing I felt like the advantage of writings was this one. Record your daily activities. Sometimes, we didn’t know what we are doing today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe some plans for the future. I’m like, write it, even if I don’t think I would do that. And it really reminds me of all of my activities. Since I’m in my last year of uni, stuffs got really hectic twice or even four times than other semester. Projects, assignments, organizations, even my pre-paper. Like I need to record all of them so that I am not forgetting each one of them.

By doing records your daily, you probably may record your mood for the day, too. Or maybe you could write what kind of food you ate today, or anything simple. By doing this too, you may think that your day end goes by easily while you didn’t know that you are doing a lot of activities, if you could just write all of them.

Helps you to cope and face any situations

This really helpful for me. By the way, I have two journals this year. Oh no, it is three. The two of them was just like the record diary everyday just like other journal you found on a studyblr site, and the other one was just like raw writing. Really really personal thoughts.

Why are you writing your burdens while you could just do an act on it?

Here’s my thoughts, I know myself that not everyone could handle problems easily. I have my own hard times too. Even I wrote a lot, I do a lot of stuffs, problems will be their own ways to me. But if I could write my burdens and it really helps me to cope it, or even in the middle of writing I could write any solutions to my problem, why is that even a problem itself?

Believe me, even if I wrote my burdens, somehow it doesn’t come out, the solutions. But I don’t think it as a negative way. I kinda redirect my thoughts that “it’s okay if you don’t have any solutions.” “even other writers sometimes stuck by doing their job, or maybe everyone”. The solutions will come to yourself in the end. Without you realizing it. It’s just like the feeling, like when you know what are you gonna do about your problems, what are you gonna do to face it, that’s when you know the solution came to you and you are ready.

To write this kind of writings sometimes really make you to reflect on yourself.

And by nature, people tend to forget to reflect on themselves. people will always try to look at other. Not even want to have a single time for themselves WHILE people should be doing that instead of talking negatives or doing something not really useful instead.

Like, we don’t need to write, or talk about every people while we could write and talk about ourselves so that we could be better in the future.

I know everyone has their own way. And this one is really has a major impact to me. And if you’re trying to do this method and it works, I am happy to hear that. And if it doesn’t, you have a lot of time to discover any methods you would find in the future. Don’t lose hope!

There are so many great stuffs you could make, if you could just convert your thoughts into your writings.

Please don’t read this like you read any promotions or ads online! But it was true. Sometimes I felt like I hate myself when I think about something but I am not putting any effort to write it all down even in my journal or my phone notes. Like, I don’t know when that thoughts gonna came into my mind again. So that’s why.

There are many thoughts that you could slightly has. Whether it’s a love quotes. Some food recipes. Or some motivational sentences. Or anything. Everyone could write. It’s just the matter of putting any effort to write it all down.

Write, even if you don’t want to

This point might be as same as the last point I’ve wrote. Write, even if you don’t want to. Even if your writings are so bad. Even if you are crying at 2 am and didn’t have any company. Even if you are in love with yourself. Even if you are feeling like you’re not yourself, just write.  You should not be feel shame of yourself for writing any bad quality. It’s a process. It’s a long way process.

And when you’re looking back, try to read your old writings, it will make you feel good. The “I’ve been there” feeling. I’ve been those phase. Sometimes your old writings would  make you shocked. Because mine too. There are several writings of mine that really made me shocked like, “am I really write this back then?” “why am I so woke up and wrote this kind of writings?” believe me, sometimes yourself could make yourself shock, too.

It’s start from yourself

Do I have to explain this? No.

Just talk to yourself. Then write. You’ll have a blast soon. You’ll probably wanna hug yourself for being such a good person.






Hi, again.

It’s almost a week of October and I feel like I am exhaust. But I had fun (thank God!). a lot of thing happened in last month. My uni life really drained my energy so much. There are a lot of my little goal that I achieved. But with all of those things happened, I feel like I can’t even have my time for being alone by myself on weekend. But there are times when I am thinking alone by myself without judging my thoughts.

“am I doing it right?”

“why is it so drained my energy?”

“do I even hard on my self, lately?”

Like, believe me these past two months are really put a big role of my 2018. Because it’s been a while since I have been bold for being myself (even if there will always time for doubting myself). So I don’t know,

I feel like I need to rest myself.

Or should I reward myself for being enjoyed and having a lot of achievements?